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Keepsake Candles

Mossy Garden
Polished Silver
Milk Glass
Old Soul
Deep Ocean
A collection of candles as timeless + classic as our Keepsake Linens. Each candle is 100% soy wax, hand-poured in our studio in a sturdy glass jar + comes wrapped in a high-end packaging. Every candle is complete with a scent sticker, and special memory sticker on the back where you can fill in a special memory associated with the scent. This starter pack comes with each of our solid core colors. You receive 4 candles of each 6 scents, totaling to 24 candles. Please note, you can also shop each scent as a full case pack as well as two other patterned designs not included in this starter pack. Deep Ocean - Salty ocean air with hints of sweet sea kelp Mossy Garden - Fresh cut grass to sweet herb undertones Pewter - Floral scent with undertones of crisp herbs Polished Silver - Crisp Apple + Lemon Old Soul - Rose, cedar + Pear Milk Glass - Lemongrass + Citrus Railroad Stripe - Savory Notes of red + White Currant Sawtooth Star - Wild Citrus + Mint
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