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Dark Roast Coffee 14 ounce

For those who prefer a more traditional take on Cowboy Coffee - the Dark Roast. We toasted the beans a bit longer to give that nostalgic feel when you sip a cup. Disclaimer: Darker Roast does not actually mean more caffeine. But if you prefer you coffee like how they've always done it - this roast is for you! * Roasted in Oklahoma City by Sincerely Coffee Roasters * Darker Roast profile with smokey, chocolate, and nutty flavor notes * 14 ounces of our Brazilian & Colombian roasted blend The 1 Quart Tin it comes in will keep your beans protected from weather and cramping if packed for a trip; and can be reused for handy storage after you’ve used up the coffee. BREWING TIP: For maximum flavor - use fine grounds and do a 2 tablespoons for every 8 ounces of water.
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