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Shape Shifter 2-in-1 Dish Rack with Recycled Microfiber Mat

We've merged together the dish mat with the function of a tried and true dish rack to help you dry dishes without the dreaded balancing act. All the flexibility for all those odds and ends you don't know how to dry. We took it one step further by infusing your new kitchen BFF with charcoal foam to prevent nasty odors. Materials: - 80% recycled microfiber - 20% polyamide, charcoal infused foam - stainless steel Features: - Tines can easily be removed from the dish mat for washing - Tines are dishwasher-safe - Dish mat is machine washable - This mat includes recycled materials equivalent to about 3x500 ml PET bottles - Producing recycled microfiber uses about 50% less energy than conventional microfiber
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