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National Park Candles - Pint

National Park:
Yosemite- Cedarwood, Vetiver, Pine Needle & Sandalwood
Zion - Desert Lavender, Sage & Dried Herbs
Yellowstone- Vetiver, Pine Needle & Sandalwood
Joshua Tree- White Sage, Cedar & Eucalyptus
Glacier- Huckleberry Bergamot & Vanilla
Crater Lake Candle - Wild Lavender Cedar + Camphor
Grand Canyon Candle - Charred Pine Cedar & Labdanum
Redwood Candle - Oakmoss, Sage, Citrus & Damp Earth
Sequoia Candle - Fir, Cedarwood & Smoky Tobacco
Theodore Roosevelt Candle - Tobacco, Cedar & Honey

All-natural soy candles handcrafted to impart the scents of the wild and pristine lands of America's national parks. Every product Mae purchases from the Good & Well Supply, they will donate a portion of their sales to the National Park Foundation.

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