About Mae

The Story Behind Mae.

I had already moved six times since starting college. Never having left one place that ever truly felt like home, I always ached for that feeling:  the feeling of home. The first house I had was adorable. It was old, chippy white and sat in the middle of an orchard. How could I want more? 

We were there for two years doing what we could with a rental to make it ours, but we never truly felt like it was where we belonged. That feeling of home is what I believe is the most important part to any house—not the square footage, not the neighborhood, not the price. When you walk through your door at the end of the day it should be a sigh of relief. A bad day should immediately improve just by coming home. Toward the end of our time in that house, I became driven to find a new place we could call home and feel it in every sense of the word. 

The first step was to look in Mariposa, CA, my hometown just outside of Yosemite National Park and the best chance for me to find what I was yearning for. It took some time but after a failed escrow fate stepped in, and we found it. After over five years making that space ours, and I can truly say I loved that house. It was there I welcomed both my children. The first baby to be brought home was a girl, Brenley Mae Souza. With the addition of Miss Mae, along with all the work we had done, we felt our dreams come true. We did it. We had made our house into a home. I loved spending every free moment creating new ideas, editing and keeping that feeling alive. When you can walk into your front door it should be to an overwhelming sense of comfort. It is your safe place.


Brenley Mae was the one who changed my life, made me a mom and made me realize I could do more. She is my inspiration and Mae’s chosen namesake. Although we have left the home responsible for the beginning to this story we are working on making our new space our own.  I want to help you have that sense of home every day too. I want to offer you pieces that not only inspire you, but also provide an extension of who you are. Make your house your own. Make it your space for comfort and happiness. 

Mae it be more than a house, Mae it be home.  

Thank you for being here.